Your hand is the key


The biometric identification system is a technology which measures and records the physical characteristics of the individual’s palm and uses the data for personal identification.

As opposed to other devices, the personal vein ID cannot be stolen and the use of the palm vein scanner is contactless, therefore when a person identifies him/herself, the vein ID cannot be stolen and used elsewhere, since it leaves no trace.

BioSec Group’s systems can be used with existing access control systems, like RFID, badge system or with others as a secondary solution. The system can also completely replace the existing system if required to ensure higher security and to eliminate forgery.

BioSec Group’s palm vein scanner system is cost effective because it can effectively replace existing physical RFID cards and badges.


The palm vein technology and the authentication procedure meets the standards of the Common Criteria Classification, which is the highest technical certificate concerning IT security. The qualification procedure examines biometric detection, authentication quality and data protection functionalities.

Main features

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Can be used for secondary identification also with match on card
  • Individual access right management and identification procedure can be created
  • Ideal for large enterprises and mass handling
  • Identification time: ~1 seconds


  • No need for RFID cards, chips, bracelets, passwords
  • Vein ID cannot be stolen, copied, reproduced
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Easy handling and easy to integrate into existing systems
  • Compatibility through standard interfaces
  • FRR 0.01%, FAR 0.00008%

BioSec Group’s system represents a military grade security level.

Can be used on all fields, where the highest security level is needed. For example Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure, Military Bases, Banks, Sport Facilities and the Government sector.

The BioSec Group’s vein scanner system is the most reliable on field of authentication.

The body’s vein structure is unique, can not be reproduced. Therefore, the use of the vein scanner as an identification access system is the most secure on the field of authentication.


IT Guard’s BioSigno offers a solution for Electronic Signature. An individual's unique biometric qualities are taken into account during customer identification. This is vein based identification.

This patented technology encrypts the biometric identifier when it is entered into the electronic document (text, image, voice file). It is used as a digital signature permanently.

In this way, the system ensures that the biometric signature cannot be used elsewhere.

Main features:

  • ✓ Able to identify the Signer,
  • ✓ Can be uniquely linked to the Signer,
  • ✓ Has been created with tools that are under the sole control of the Signer,
  • ✓ Is linked in such a way to the content of a document that it detects all amendments made after the signature has been placed on the document

It can be easily integrated into virtually all applications, provides an environment in which the electronic signature is just as legally binding as a paper based signature.

It is secure and is supported by the security evaluation of an independent assessment company.

Instantly links the biometric information attached to the signature to the image and the image is printable without the biometric information.

It prevents a signature's biometric characteristics from being separated from the document to which it has been attached to, meaning that it cannot be copied or used in other documents.

It does not require for each and every customer to be provided with special, unique devices in order for them to use the system. It does not require for the customer to provide a digital signature, certificate, chip card or any previous registration. It facilitates paperless document handling.

BIOKRYPT, Biometric e-mail

IT Guard replaces the unsafe password system by raising the security level. Instead of a password your palm is the e-mail encryption itself.

In order to encrypt an e-mail using password, the following steps are made:

  • ➡ send the password via an SMS
  • ➡ send the password via an e-mail
  • ➡ (the password is synchronised in advance between user and admin)

After installing IT Guard BioKrypt the user can send e-mails in three different ways:

  • encryption via biometric hash code
  • password based encryption
  • sending e-mails without encryption

Using BioKrypt you can determine who can see your e-mail and who cannot.

Before sending the mail you just push the BioKrypt button and choose the recipient. With this step the e-mail will be encrypted AES 256 bit and also determine that only the person with the designated biometric template can open the letter.

Corporate-level encryption is possible. BioKrypt can work as part of the client's own email client or as an add-on feature of Microsoft products.

Main benefits of IT Guards BioKrypt in the field of IT security:

  • unsecured passwords, which can be stolen, are replaced and managed by a single-gate biometric identification
  • no more expiring passwords
  • decreased security risk
  • raised efficiency


IT Guard - BS Login is a Windows login system, where you don’t need passwords anymore, only your palm to unlock your device or software. Secure management of passwords implies a continuous demand over capacity from both the users and the IT staff. At high security facilities, sensitive passwords have to be changed regularly; leading to multiple risks. Passwords may be compromised at handover, resulting in a low authentication strength.

Main benefits of IT Guard Login in the field of IT security:

  • ✓ Unsecured passwords, which can be stolen, are replaced and managed by a single-gate biometric identification
  • ✓ No more expired passwords
  • ✓ Decreased security risk
  • ✓ Raised efficiency
  • ✓ Administrative burden of IT staff is decreased
  • ✓ Active Directory compatible, therefore access and rights management is handled on one surface together with domain management


The Smart Guard has a greater capacity regarding intelligence management software. With this solution all security and building management systems can be controlled and combined into one monitoring system.

Smart Guard is a complex management system that contains the BS GateKeeper and the SIG SYSTEM.

Smart Guard’s main features:

  • ✓ Safe
  • ✓ Fast
  • ✓ Simple
  • ✓ Effective
    • ✓ Integrated Software Environment
    • ✓ CCTV management
    • ✓ Fire alarm system
    • ✓ Building management system


  • As a central system, where all personal information, biometric templates are stored, with access right management (zones, user groups etc.)
  • As a central but anonymous system, where only the user ID and the biometric template is stored, with access right management (zones, user groups etc.)
  • As a central but anonymous system, where identification is carried out on the basis of template and user ID but access right management is done on a third party system via interface


BS RapidGuard, biometric access control and authentication:

The EVENT Guard's BS RapidGuard is a mobile fast deployment authentication system with physical access control system.

It combines the world's most developed vein template algorithm with user friendly interface and high security.

RapidGuard has been designed to provide a flexible, easy to deploy authentication system with all features of a high level access control system.

Main features of the Portable/Travel Guard:

  • Online functioning, mobile biometric authentication system. System can work also offline but depending on database and type of authentication, it can be slower
  • Right management based access control, where security zones / perimeters can be easily created or adjusted
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 1:1 or 1:n authentication
  • Anti passback, anti outback
  • Sabotage protection, encrypted communication
  • Emergency function to authenticate unconscious people and upload their medical profile
  • Create event logs to identify outgoing and incoming staff to have real time event status, who is still on mission

Portable/Travel Guards deployment access control system has the following benefits:

  • Highest security in identification, FAR 0,00008%, FRR 0,01%
  • No need for physical access cards, therefore cost effective solution
  • Compatible with most regular and standard systems, easy to integrate
    • Active Directory compatible
  • The person needs to be registered in one system only once
  • ~1 second biometric authentication time
  • RFID and biometric authentication can be combined as wished
  • Can be fully integrated into all of Our Guard solutions, as well into 3rd party solutions via software or serial, CAN bus, Wiegand, LBus interface


Arena Guard is an integrated stadium security solution package, which contains BS StadiumGuard as its core system.


  • Online, offline ticketing
  • Bank transfer, bank card, cash payment handling
  • Full scale ticketing features
  • Fan registration with optional biometric enrolment
  • Blacklist connected

Other features:

  • Unlimited number of gates possible
  • Unlimited number of users possible
  • Verification under 1 second
  • Soccer-proven technology
  • Antipassback, anti outback


Ticketbox, complete online and offline ticketing specially developed for stadiums and proven through long years of flawless operation. Online ticket purchase, fan card handling, ticketing with RFID cards, bar codes, QR code reading are some features of the solution. Ticketbox has been proven in the world of soccer for 11 years now.

PayHAND, closed loop cashless payment system, optionally with biometric security instead of PIN code.

MatchGuard, connected to Arena Guard, it is a real time event evaluation solution, which supports decision makers, security staff and police in managing large crowds. MatchGUARD gives information about flow rates at the gates, sector concentration of the spectators etc.

The StadiumGuard solution package was developed based on experiences in stadium and sport venue security and mass spectator management.

In addition to “traditional” security solutions (ticketing, access control), we have developed also a biometric authentication solution, which has been proven already in the world of sports.

In today's world stadiums have to face challenges of safety within the stadium, to become more and more family friendly and to run the facility cost efficiently.

StadiumGuard has been developed especially for stadiums, based on vast experience.

Arena Guard is an integrated and modular approach for operating the key elements of a stadium. Based on the modular structure, the client can choose just any module independently or combined. By using the facility operator system Arena Guard StadiumGuard the user has one turn-key packaged solution.


Access Guard is a physical access control system which contains the BS GateKeeper.

The physical access control system Access Guard, including BS GateKeeper, combines the world's most developed vein template algorithm with speed, user convenience and the highest security.


  • ✓ Highest security in identification, FAR 0.00008%, FRR 0.01%
  • ✓ No need for physical cards, therefore cost effective solution
  • ✓ Compatible with most regular and standard systems, easy to integrate
  • ✓ A user needs to be registered only once in the system
  • ✓ ~1 second biometric authentication time
  • ✓ RFID and biometric authentication can be combined as
  • ✓ Access Guard has proven itself: large numbers, years of flawless operation
  • ✓ Active Directory compatible
  • ✓ Can be combined with BS Log in, BS Krypt as a corporate security solution package
  • ✓ Can be fully integrated into all Guard solutions, also into 3rd party solutions via software or serial, CAN bus, Wiegand, LBus interface
  • ✓ Can be combined with RFID cards (Mifare)

Using the Access Guard system, the palm vein scanning biometric technology can be easily integrated into any existing system, therefore it ensures cost efficiency.

The system is Active Directory compatible therefore the access rights management becomes very simple, since it is integrated into the company’s existing authorization management system.

Access Guard is the ideal alternative for RFID based systems, offering highest security with user friendly characteristics.

Our largest public reference is the Groupama Arena located in Budapest Hungary, where our system is authenticating each visitor at the gates with an average of 1 second in outdoor conditions. The system has been optimized for a database up to 300,000 people, the maximum capacity of the stadium is 23,500.