Our company has many years of experience in special military and police personnel in war-torn countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. We gained experience in the protection of foreign embassies and diplomatic bodies close protection, building, facilities and convoys in Europe, in the development of infrastructure (e.g. water, electricity), and in the development of the protection system.

Crisis zone (e.g.: war zone disaster area), to the preparation of work, mapping and analysing the risk factors, short-, medium-, and long-term protection, security protection, concept development, we also build, humanitarian organizations, relief agencies.

Crisis zone (e.g.: war, disaster-stricken areas) in preparation for entry, work mapping and analysis of risk factors, creating the conditions needed to develop facilities and networks (e.g. water, electricity) short-, medium-, and long-term protection, security protection approach to building manned security and protection service insurance, administration, protection and control of the route through the physical insurance, armed close protection, anti-riot vehicles.

The multinational companies are now has to pay great attention to:

Our company helps decision makers with realizing and analysing opportunities and threats, to compare the predictions and risks. We have extensive experience in the high and very high hazard objects and we are able to provide comprehensive security consultancy.


Risk analysis of workplaces in the potential risks in explosion hazardous environment. We undertake the development of a corporate functional safety manuals.


Military Camp

BSS Unit produces military camps enhanced and customized for military needs. BSS Unit can quickly manufacture and instal on site to serve various needs of large military groups. BSS Unit worked with defense industry organizations and private organizations as well. Our company successfully finished army camp facilities, including army office buildings, modular dorms and recreation facilities.

Landmine clearance

With many years of experience and highly developed capabilities in mine action, and through the strict adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures based on International Mine Action Standards, BSS Unit provide flexible and efficient mitigation solutions to clear those areas affected by strategic land-mine deployment. Through the execution of these capabilities, BSS Unit helps the affected communities to re-grow through the clearance of roads and land for agriculture and reconstruction of schools, hospitals and houses.

Abroad Missions

The main fields of the security area are object-protection, event security, personal protection, security technology and IT security, but we can also mention fire safety and disaster management. These fields often overlap each other in practice; they relate and connect to each other, so it can happen that more specialties are necessary to be issued at the same time. Of course it cannot be expected from any expert to perform perfectly at every area.

But qualified operators are needed, who are capable to see through globally the security challenges, have the required qualifications and skills to hold together the different fields or rather plan and organize the protection in the knowledge of security risks. Safety organizing is usually teamwork, but requires self-sufficient and responsible decision-making capability as well.

We are permanently training our safety organizing and personal protection experts in order their activity do not sink to a rut and build not just by their experience, but making them able to build the new security challenges - created by terror threats - into their approach and even adopt them during their work.

Our company is ready to undertake planning and executing comprehensive safety organizing tasks. During our job we adopt some long standing syllabuses of the international educational center according to the domestic circumstances. We have partners all around the world and readily assume to attend security tasks by foreign travels.