Internal audit is designed to indentify the deficiencies in the system, and to develop optional solutions for these problems to help the improvement of the organization.

In the application of the security audit the contractor shall prepare a fact-finding analysis test for trained professionals, which is a realistic and objective picture of the security situation in the company.

In this context, we will develop the best security system linked to the effectiveness of the following factors:


Our company works at special fields , personal protection, law enforcement and special forces. Experts with more than 20 years of personal experience, protecting the head of State, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. Excellent, constantly controlled by physical and mental condition, our employees are highly skilled and we also provide drivers with multiple foreign language knowledge.

In combination with our experience in the active service of the latest technical tools to organize and carry out the principal is fully customized to the needs of insurance.


Our vehicles are in the top or premium cathegory, and is at the disposal of our partners. Our goal is to provide vehicles for private and business clients, as well as for elegant appearance, comfortable and luxury travel opportunity.

Our professional drivers are also qualified as security guards, so they are also capable of serving special needs and requirements as well as general tasks such as: