BSS at the CES in Las Vegas

The BSS Unit team took part in high level strategic meetings before and during the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas between January 6-12.

The blockchain applications of the zero-tolerance-for-error biometric palm vein identification system have raised some eyebrows, especially government blockchain and banking blockchain solutions. Each time a transaction is authenticated in the bockchain, the person authenticating the transaction on the ledger, as well as the customer on whose behalf the transaction is being made, if and when physically present at a terminal, is identified biometrically. This is how the information on WHO, WHERE, and WHEN is added to the existing WHAT, raising the authenticity of the data.

Casinos and exclusive private clubs are able to identify their customers anonymously through the extremely high level security of the biometric identification system. Such absolute reliability in outdoor conditions with databases of hundreds of thousands of users has never before been attainable with other biometric systems, ie. finger, face, or iris. 

Payment systems where prepaid accounts are used to pay for products or services are easily integrated to the BSS palm vein identification system. A single move of the hand over the infrared sensor ensures accurate identification and swift seamless payment without cash, bank cards or any other RFID card or token. A biometric feature that cannot be detected from the surface of the skin is literally very handy. Since the system never stores any biometric templates, even if would-be-hackers attempt to fool the system by obtaining one of the proprietary infrared sensors for palm vein scanning sold by BSS Unit, the generated hash will not be usable in the given system, it only works on pre-registered devices on enrolled users obeying a strict sequence of time stamps.