Global Resilience Federation (GRF) has partnered with BSS Unit

Herndon, VA, USA - June 30, 2020

Global Resilience Federation (GRF) has partnered with BSS Unit to provide its Cyber Intel Matrix (CIM) suite of products to members, offering them threat intelligence tools and the largest worldwide honey net. GRF analysts will also leverage CIM to enrich security products for GRF affiliated sharing communities. “I’m glad to welcome BSS Unit as a partner,” said GRF President Mark Orsi. “BSS Unit brings a new group of tools to the cross-sector community we support, including honeypots, and compelling capabilities for malware detonation, intel aggregation and Dark Web analysis.” Mutual defense on a global scale has never been more urgent. Hackers are not only growing more sophisticated, but the global pandemic has weakened companies’ resilience in many respects.

BSS Unit has seen more than 26 million attempted attacks on its global honey net system since the pandemic began, with attacks against corporate and critical infrastructure networks at an all-time high. The partnership enables GRF analysts and interested members to gather intelligence and monitor emerging threats.